Tegwan's Nest

Tegwan's Nest guest accommodation, classic Australian country holiday home

The Tegwan's Nest Legacy

The Farmstead


 The original Tegwan's Nest Farmstead in Greylingstad, Northern Transvaal, South Africa, built in the 1900's 

A working farm a long time ago


 Scattered around the farm, there are sentimental memories of a thriving working farm 

The Original Sign


 The famous sign that promised wonderful farm stay weekends with happy memories for life 

Why the rebirth of Tegwan's Nest


The Tegwan's Experience is about creating a lasting memory for families (children in particular) of a happy place where they could wonder and roam, explore and discover, achieve and conquer, dream of being a great frontier farmer, or simply while away the day sitting on a rock chewing a length of grass.

They can get grubby, dusty, and dirty, but revel in the freedom.  They can search for frogs, feed the animals, copy the bird calls, and when all done, ring the dinner bell letting everyone know the day is waning and its time to share the experiences over a hearty meal.

Many years ago, as a child, I (and often my cousin) visited Tegwan's Nest every fortnight weekend, 2 hours out of Johannesburg, perched on top of a hill, surrounded by old army forts from the Zulu Wars,  the beginning of wonderful memories.  

Greeted by farm dogs and the piercing yet protective call of the many peacocks, the kids had pony rides, a choice of thatched cottages (Rondavels) to stay in, a giant swing to reach great heights on, a games room to entertain themselves, and farm animals aplenty to feed (and chase!).

Our goal is try and recreate these experiences as the farm evolves, in the hope that the same families become regulars, and their children's children experience the same inner happiness.  

With your help it can be a reality.  We look forward to you being part of the Tegwan's Nest Legacy...